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Lydia Sellers

Lydia (Foster) Sellers was born and raised in East Tennessee on a farm, in a small town, with big dreams and plenty of space for a creative mind to wander...

As early as the age of 10, Lydia was taking after school clay pottery courses, watercolor classes, and loving to paint with any medium.  Expression in the form of art came very naturally at an early age for her.  As she grew older, knowing exactly how to apply her artistic skills to real life became more of a challenge, not knowing exactly where to plant her seeds.

Lydia attended The University of Tennessee while studying Graphic Design for the first two years.  However, she ended her college career with a degree in Retail & Fashion Merchandising, still pondering which life path she was truly passionate about.

After realizing she had a gift and a dream, Lydia decided to put her love of color, painting, & art combined with her knowledge of fashion and attended makeup school at Makeup Designory in Burbank, CA.  It was here that Lydia found her true passion and the starting point of a beautiful and fulfilling career in makeup artistry and hairstyling.  

From touring with Taylor Swift's band and dancers for 3 years early in her career, to several years of portfolio building, red carpets, & press junkets in the Big Apple, Lydia finds joy in maintaining quality relationships and creatively collaborating to perfection.  Her career was the first true passion she ever found and she strives to work hard at fulfilling her dreams everyday.  


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